Public Streets Maintenance Committee

Pothole Patching, Street Sweeping, Street Ditch Weed Cutting, Grading:  Mike Draxler/Jamie Wenzel

Snowplowing:  Mike Draxler/Marlene Stueland

Street Lights, Signage, Banners/Decorations:  Cassie Horn

Culvert or Drain Tile Installation, Annual Street Crack Sealing:  Building Inspector/Mike Draxler



  • Street Sweeping/Ditch Weed Cutting
    • Schedule annual street sweeping (spring/fall) and weed ditch cutting (by June 15th and August 15th minimum).
  • Street Pothole Patching, Signage, Banners/Decorations, Grading
    • Schedule and coordinate annual spring pothole patching on Village streets as needed including acquiring necessary materials for task completion.  Review street and other types of signage on annual basis for maintenance purposes; order new signs as deemed appropriate and necessary; coordinate signage maintenance work as needed.  Coordinate on annual basis banner/decoration installation/take down; address any necessary banner/decoration maintenance/repairs as needed.  As needed evaluate Village streets (Soo Lane, Treatment Plant road, etc.) for general maintenance including grading or additional material needed.
  • Street Lights
    • Coordinate maintenance work for Village street lights where street light may be burned out or not working properly with Marshfield Utilities and/or private vendor.  Change street light timers according to daylight savings for Main Street lights.
  • Culvert or Drain Tile Installation
    • Make determination and grant approval for sizing and length of residential culvert installation.  Review initial requests by residents for drain tile installation providing direction to resident on permit process with referral to Village Board for consideration.
  • Annual Street Crack Sealing
    • Annually determine vendor; coordinate scheduling project work with vendor; complete annual required State report that determines Village's appropriated street aid.  Confirm submission of report to Village Board.
  • Snowplowing
    • Oversee and monitor vendor's snowplowing performance as necessary; respond to resident issues regarding snowplowing.  Solicit quotes/bids for snowplowing at contract renewal.