Building Inspector/Permits


General Job Duties

The goal is to assist you in a helpful, professional and courteous manner with your building project. Whether constructing a new structure, remodeling or changing the use of an existing structure, you will be in contact with the building inspector to assist you in the plan review, permit issuance, code consultation and inspection processes. We understand at times that these processes might seem to be a bit overwhelming due to the information needed or code compliance requirements to ensure your project complies with applicable code requirements. Rest assured the building inspector is committed to assisting you with education and direction. If he is not able to give you the direction or answers you seek, he will guide you on how and where you might obtain such. Please remember the codes, ordinances and requirements are designed to ensure the health, safety, welfare and comfort of the village.

The building inspector provides citizens, businesses and residents with information on code requirements and permits needed for building or remodeling as well as costs and procedures for obtaining a permit and inspections. The building inspector is responsible for reviewing plans, issuing permits and inspecting construction activity for compliance with building, electric, heating and plumbing codes.

Building Permit Procedure

Electronic building permit applications are currently not available. The building inspector requires face-to-face contact with the applicant and requests that the applicant call him first as there are several variables that need to be addressed before an application can be granted.



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