Public Streets Committee

Chairperson:  Mike Draxler & Marlene Stueland

Current Membership:  Jeff Binder, Ron Doine, Kevin Boyer, Ken Rasmussen, Mike Trudeau

Street Commissioner:  Mike Draxler

Deputy Street Commissioner:  Jamie Wenzel


Purpose: It is the duty of the Hewitt Public Streets Committee to maintain a 5-year road construction/ maintenance plan, maintain existing roads (including blacktopping, granite requirements, grading, snowplowing, and general repairs), oversee new road construction, water drainage, culvert size recommendations for private and public uses, culvert purchases for public uses, and weight limits and associated signage. It is the duty of the Street Commissioner to schedule the grading, snowplowing, sanding, and salting of streets and to recommend road repairs. 



  • Conduct committee meetings as necessary and appropriate.
  • Develops 5-year road construction/maintenance plan for Village Board approval.
  • Review annual street maintenance projects.
  • Review street-related issues brought to the Committee providing recommendations to the Village Board.
  • Oversee street signage maintenance.
  • Review new street construction development proposals including water drainage, culverts, street lights, etc.